The tokenization platform on blockchain to notarize, store and sign any kind of digital assets.



We live in an age where the effective management of digital information is crucial. Legal documents, contracts, digital artwork and intellectual property – all these assets require a level of security and verification that traditional systems often fail to provide.


The digital asset management landscape is rapidly evolving, driven by the increasing digitisation of assets and the need for secure, transparent and efficient management systems. TokNox presents itself as a benchmark, offering a reliable solution that meets the dynamic needs of digital asset management.


TokNox introduces an innovative approach to real asset management, utilizing the power of blockchain-based tokenization. This process transforms the rights or ownership of such assets into digital tokens on the blockchain. Tokenization simplifies more complex management processes, offering benefits such as increased liquidity, simplified management, better accessibility and transparent and secure transactions. The digital signature on the blockchain is a key element of TokNox’s operations, guaranteeing the authenticity and integrity of tokenized files. This signature, complete with timestamp, solidifies the authenticity of the document and certifies its compliance with the required legal standards.

Our inputs

The TokNox platform is a product developed by Blockchain Italia, which followed the entire process, starting from the conception and evaluating the technological, design, UX/UI solutions, as well as contributing the know-how and expertise gained through products already active on the market in terms of notarisation and traceability.
Blockchain Italia also takes care of marketing, communication and strategic positioning, through the management of social media, the creation of the website, participation in national and international events and the inclusion of TokNox within the European Blockchain Sandbox for aspects of specific competence.



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Back-End Development

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