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Who can benefit from this service

Our DAO service is aimed at all companies, organisations and individuals who wish to create a decentralised, transparent and secure governance structure. In particular, we are able to support companies operating in innovative and high-impact sectors, such as environmental sustainability, finance and health. In addition, we offer our expertise to anyone interested in learning more about the potential of DAOs and using them to achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively.

Revolutionise your business with the potential of DAOs

DAO stands for Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. It is an autonomous entity, without a traditional hierarchical structure, that relies on blockchain technology to make decisions and manage its activities. DAOs are managed by a set of codified rules and smart contracts that define the decision-making procedures and activities that the organisation can perform.

Decisions are made through decentralised governance, through voting methods based on the ownership of tokens or shares in the DAO itself. Everything depends entirely on the initial configurations of the smart contracts, which may vary depending on the type of organisation to be set up.
Thanks to their decentralised structure and the transparency provided by the blockchain, DAOs offer greater autonomy and more democratic management than traditional organisations.

DAOs can be used to carry out various activities, such as financing projects, managing common funds or producing goods and services.

Our approach

Blockchain Italia is ready to take organizations and projects to the next level with the service dedicated exclusively to the development of DAOs.

In fact, we have decided to concretize this service by providing all our knowledge and resources allowing companies to adopt a decision-making model based on blockchain and active member participation.

Our approach, in fact, is to accompany the client on this journey with a comprehensive and personalized service through advice tailored to the specific needs required. We currently develop a secure and reliable environment for those who choose to establish a DAO.

With our constant attention to technological evolution, we deploy all the most advanced solutions to ensure maximum protection and security of our client’s data.

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How do DAOs work?

DAOs are based on smart contracts, which are a set of computer protocols capable of making agreements between parties that can execute themselves automatically. Through these contracts, we are able to establish a DAO that will regulate its operation. For example, if a decision is made, the contract might increase the number of available tokens, burn some tokens, or give rewards to existing token holders.

What are the advantages of DAOs?

DAOs have many advantages, including the ability for self-management, self-governance and self-financing. Due to their decentralized nature, DAOs are able to operate independently of outside forces and even their creators. The main goal of DAOs is to create a business model with decentralized governance that enables people to self-govern themselves. The distinguishing feature is to distribute governance to its members and to automate the central organization by distributing rewards to community members.

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