BNL and win the MF Innovation Award 2023 in the category “Re-imagining the banking business model”, the platform devised by Blockchain Italia for notarising, managing and legally signing documents on blockchain technology, recently won the MF Innovation Awards 2023 together with BNL. This award represents an important recognition for the innovative banking operating model created by the partnership between Blockchcain, and BNL, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, BNP PARIBAS Group.
Despite the events that have negatively marked the course of 2022, the Italian banking sector has continued on a path of innovation focused on both products and processes, generating solutions that have been celebrated and rewarded by Milano Finanza, one of Italy’s leading financial newspapers, as part of the MF Innovazione Awards, an event organised in collaboration with Accenture and Fondazione Accenture.

The award was introduced 16 years ago with the aim of highlighting products, services and projects that have a positive impact on sustainability and innovation, generating long-term value. The presentation took place on 18 April 2023 during the Milano Finanza Banking Award, the annual charity dinner dedicated to recognising excellence in banking. The award aims to promote innovation that has enriched the customer experience, enhanced Human Capital and enabled the application of technological innovation to support effective business decisions.


The platform integrated into BNL’s operational processes enabled the BNP PARIBAS group bank to win the award in the category “re-imagining the banking operational model” in consideration of the latest initiatives to review and improve the processes and operational system of banking institutions. The platform is an example of technological innovation that makes use of Algorand’s green blockchain to guarantee the certification of transactions, providing a secure and simple way of remotely signing up even when traditional digital signatures cannot be applied. The solution ensures proof of authorship, integrity and timestamp of notarized digital documents through blockchain technology. In addition, multi-signature facilitates the document sharing and management process by allowing multiple users to sign the same document. enables compliance with legal, risk, data protection and cybersecurity safeguards by storing data in an encrypted cloud. In addition, the solution has been integrated with SPID (Public Digital Identity System), making it possible to affix an Advanced Electronic Signature to documents, a requirement for the implementation of specific processes within the banking institution.

The prize awarded to BNL with the platform defines the relevance for the Italian banking system to embark on a path towards a digital and sustainable future, putting the customer at the centre, and positioning itself as a winner in the innovative banking ecosystem.


Pietro Azzara, CEO of Blockchain Italia, was pleased with the result: “We are very happy that BNL thanks to DEDIT.IO has won the MF Innovation Awards 2023. This award demonstrates how blockchain technology can be used in an innovative way to improve the banking operating model but also that of the citizens and companies that were able to use the solution. We are grateful to BNL, which, thanks to the vision of its managers, believed in our project and collaborated with us to develop this innovative and sustainable solution”.

The platform, therefore, is entirely an opportunity for individuals and banks to benefit from innovation and long-term sustainability, facilitating process integration and improving the individual’s experience.

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