Creating and Managing NFT

What are NFTs? They are non-fungible tokens, such as irreplicable and unfalsifiable digital objects on blockchain platform representing the ownership of a digital or physical asset. 

We deal with the creation of the token on the Ethereum and Algorand blockchains. 

We manage all the steps related to the sale, from the creation of the token to its exposure in the various reference marketplaces  

We offer ad hoc structured marketing campaigns for your NFT!

Our project:

Folksy Guys, the project for the realization of 10,000 unique NFT of Folks Finance.

Folksy guys is the collection of NFT registered Folks Finance, the protagonists of the collection are cartoon characters, produced by the expert hand of Dino Tomic. Each of the boys has unique characteristics and peculiar details, attributed to the subject in an algorithmic manner, thus ensuring the uniqueness of the NFT.
Folksy Guys NFTs will be released as rewards to those who interact with the Folks Finance testnet

The platform for new Italian Art collectors 

Blockchain Italia, in collaboration with the Italia4Blockchain Association and the FLP union – Federation of Public Workers and Public Functions, launched the Italian Wonders initiative for the enhancement of cultural heritage in the Italian territory at the time of COVID-19.

Italian Wonders is an experimental project that aims to combine the world of art with tokenomics, creating non-fungible tokens for works of art and creative works. Blockchain Italia and Tmp Group in collaboration with Italia4Blockchain, Algorand Foundation and FLP – Federation of Public Workers and Public Functions opened the Italian Wonders initiative, intending to raise funds to help support the enhancement of cultural heritage in the Italian territory at the time of COVID-19. The revenue raised will be donated to cities and municipalities based on the territorial and symbolic belonging of the individual work of art and/or monument.

Musa, the NFT eco-sustainable marketplace with zero environmental impact

Blockchain Italia in collaboration with TMP Group – Hangar 21 launched Musa, the first NFT marketplace on Algorand.

The goal is to offer a sustainable alternative to existing NFT marketplaces, to make digital art creation and collection truly accessible. Musa aims to be the NFT reference platform for all artists and creators who want to express themselves through their works, exploring new sales channels.

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