Customized solutions for each of our customers:

We combine our first level technical experience in the application of blockchain solutions
with pragmatic analysis to traditional business models,
workflows and reengineering, guaranteeing new experiences in the use of products and services.

Our services

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When new technologies appear in the market, obstacles often arise in terms of understanding and strategy. Even if it is being developed internally, relying on external professionals may be the most effective and simple solution.

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The digital transformation is inexorably changing production models and internal processes: keeping up to date must be part of the agenda of each company and its managers.

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Design and development

We develop decentralized applications in the public Ethereum Blockchain, we also develop SmartContracts to automate flows and we design private Blockchain solutions for companies and consortiums.

Our Solutions


Public Blockchain

We guarantee and test the existence of data and information in the Ethereum Blockchain, we design easy-to-use interfaces to connect to Blockchain, we create digital fungible assets (ERC20) and non-expendable (ERC721), we offer solutions for payments and deposits in simple and safe cryptocurrencies.


Private Blockchain

We analyze the internal processes of companies and consortiums by evaluating blockchain private solutions to standardize flows and make production models more efficient, protecting confidential business data, using cryptography and integrating with existing IT services.


Smart contract

We develop intelligent contracts guaranteed by the security of the public Ethereum blockchain, we offer complete assistance for internal development, we design decentralized applications (dApps).