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Blockchain Italia

Blockchain Italia is a Milan-based software company specializing in fintech and blockchain solutions. We are also present in Genoa, Rome and Madrid.

Our mission is to optimize processes through digitalization and disruptive technologies.

Our developers, DevOps and system administrators have the experience to undertake any blockchain related project; whether it’s designing enterprise services or building cross-platform mobile applications rather than crafting dApps.



Study, Design, Development

Full cycle research and development for public and private blockchains: product, architecture, development and implementation

Decentralization allows completely new paths to do business, however it also requires new paradigms for software development, Blockchain Italia can help to:

1. study large-scale solutions for new dApps or semi-dApps ideas

2. design Smart-Contracts for any trustless scenario

3. configure private blockchain infrastructures for your business

Training and Consulting

We train managers and developers alike on all major blockchain-related technologies.

The digital transformation is inexorably changing production models and internal processes: staying up to date must be on the agenda of every company, every manager and every technician.

Smart-Contract auditing

We design Smart-Contracts and the necessary off-chain infrastructures on behalf of companies and institutions.

Common anti-pattern analysis: check if the code is vulnerable to known security problems and attack vectors such as re-entry, transaction reordering and overflow

Evaluation of software engineering practices: evaluate the coverage of tests rather than the hereditary structure by detecting frequent programming errors

Business Logic Review: Identify gaps in logic or inconsistency between logic and implementation

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Andrea Lepidio

Chief Information Technology Officer

Pietro Azzara

Chief Executive Officer

Jacopo Sesana

Business Development Manager

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