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Decentralized Finance refers to an ecosystem of open source, permissionless and transparent financial services available to everyone and operating without a central authority. Users thus keep full control of their assets, interacting with this ecosystem through decentralized applications.

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Some of our projects:

Money Market Protocol sulla Blockchain di Algorand

Algorithmic money market protocol built on Algorand that allows users to earn interest on their deposits and borrow assets against provided collateral.

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Investment DAO 

Blockchain Italia LCC is an on-chain investment and capital allocation Moloch DAO v2 that aims to provide the best and most sustainable returns to institutional and accredited investors through its token, distributing their capital among the most recent projects of Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem, adapting to various risk profiles agreed in advance, monitoring funds in real-time.

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Moria, the first italian staking pool on the Cardano protocol.

Moria is the first italian staking pool on the Cardano protocol that enables users to earn passively from their ADAs, leaving them within a smart contract to ensure the security of the permissionless protocol 

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