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Frequently Asked Questions

Which blockchain should I use

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. There are really many projects (over 6000) with different blockchains for every need. As Blockchain Italia we choose the permissionless and permissioned protocols with more traction in the market and with a solid track record to guarantee our customers long-term security.

What is blockchain's regulator framework?

Currently in Italy there is an article (Article 8 ter) within the Simplification Decree that covers blockchain, distributed ledger and smart contract. In accordance with this article, the notarization on distributed registers has legal value as regards the certain date. Furthermore, the Consob and the Bank of Italy have expressed interest in trying to regulate the market relating to tokenomics and cryptocurrencies.

Is there a market with respect to cryptocurrencies and tokens?

It exists and is expanding like wildfire within the European and international market. There are markets for tokens defined as payment, tokens defined as utilities, and tokens defined as securities. There are also Non-Fungible Token Markets (NFTs) called digital collectibles.